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This supersedes the Travel Warning for Ukraine dated August 29 to provide updated information on the security situation in southern and eastern Ukraine.
Russian television viewers were treated to a curious appeal recently: “Go to Crimea rather than Antalya,” a state-owned TV channel advised viewers in a news bulletin last month. “Both the prices and the climate are better in Crimea.”
Shaken or stirred, frozen or on the rocks, with a cherry on top or delivered to a beach towel on the sand, cocktails are the champions of the Caribbean and although every island and every beach bar boasts its own boozy claim to fame, a really fine drink can morph…
“Dmitri, is that an abaya?” Wandering through the courtyard of Kiev’s Pecherska Lavra, a huge monastery containing caves, catacombs and saints’ relics, I noticed several women wearing headscarves or full-length black abayas. Dmitri, my local guide, had no idea what an abaya was but explained that some of the women…
French Revolution-style barricades made of parked cars, discarded boxes, chunks of ice, or whatever else can be found surround infinite tent-lined alleyways. In the midst of the clutter, old men gather to sing "Shche ne vmerla Ukraina," while men behind them exchange cigarettes for cups of coffee. No, this scene…

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Ukrainian Diaspora in Canada and USA

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Ukrainians (Ukrainian: українці, ukrayintsi) are an East Slavic ethnic group native to Ukraine, which is the sixth-largest nation in Europe. The Constitution of Ukraine applies the term 'Ukrainians' to all its citizens. Also among historical names of the people of Ukraine Rusyns, Cossacks, etc. can be found. According to some dictionary definitions, a descriptive name for the "inhabitants of Ukraine" is Ukrainian or Ukrainian people.

The Ukrainian diaspora is the global community of ethnic Ukrainians, especially those who maintain some kind of connection, even if ephemeral, to the land of their ancestors and maintain their feeling of Ukrainian national identity within their own local community.

A Ukrainian Canadian (Ukrainian: Український канадець, Україноканадець) refers to a Canadian of Ukrainian descent who is an immigrant to or a descendant born in Canada. In 2011, there were an estimated 1,209,085 persons of full or partial Ukrainian origin residing in Canada (mainly Canadian-born citizens) making them Canada's ninth largest ethnic group, and giving Canada the world's third-largest Ukrainian population behind Ukraine itself.

Ukrainian Americans (Ukrainian: Українці Америки, Українці у США) are Americans who are of Ukrainian ancestry. According to U.S. census estimates, in 2006 there were 961,113 Americans of Ukrainian descent representing 0.33% of the American population. The Ukrainian population of the United States is thus the second largest outside the former Soviet Union; only Canada has a larger Ukrainian community. According to the 2000 U.S. census, the metropolitan areas with the largest numbers of Ukrainian Americans are: New York City with 160,000 Ukrainians, Philadelphia with 60,000 Ukrainians, Chicago with 46,000 Ukrainians, Los Angeles with 34,000, Detroit with 33,000 Ukrainians, Cleveland with 26,000 and Indianapolis with 19,000.